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What is qyshare ?

Because Open Innovation, and collaboration doesn’t always means software, we believed it was needed to expand community driven tools oriented on software development to general purpose project.

Qyshare is a new generation of collaborative and community management tool. We unified the benefit of a promotional, a collaboration, and communications tools into a single piece of software, which will allow community to drive very complex projects using Cloud technologies through a simple user interface. Our main goal is to have any kind of engineers being able to use a collaborative suite without the need of an IT engineer expanding the growth of Open Innovation in new scientific area like mechanical, chemistry or any other sciences.

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Communicate about your project !

Community projects are first a communication challenge to build up interest and gather input from people around the world to setup your own community. Complex systems and projects requires specifications, explanations and clear targets to be challenged, accepted and to reach momentum. We believe it is key to clearly explain your project and this is why, we rely on WordPress, one of the most advanced web and blogging tool available today to help you communicate about your project.

Manage your community

Task assignment, team synchronization, roadmap acceptation, agile approach, and time report are basics steps of each project. Even if real time communication tools are available today, it is very hard to expand there usage with large developer community on various timezone working on complex projects like hardware development. A missed task might cost a huge amount of money and resynchronization might become a nightmare, this is why we included OpenProject in qyshare, as to allow each teams to rely on a web oriented project management system.

Manage your data

Data is not always source code in community project. It might be high volume files, which needs versioning or not, and high capacity storage with global access through secure connection. Qyshare is providing file sharing infrastructure by using Webdav protocol through an encrypted connection and user credentials check. A community member has access to a private storage area, a team storage area and a public storage area to allow users to download files. Webdav clients are available on any computer profile.

Using virtualization technologies, backup are easily handled through VM tools.

Discuss with your team

Qyshare is providing a full email infrastructure. Each user has access to an advance webmail client through SOGo and a team calendar. The email can be access through traditionnal clients (like PC, MacOS or smartphone), through industry standard protocol (IMAP). We do have also integrated real time collaboration tool Etherpad to co-work on the same document.

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