Downloading qyshare has never been so easy

Please use the following link which is pointing you to the latest qyshare image.

Want the source ?

Good news everything is included into the tar ball ! qyshare is just a set of scripts which will automatically configure your operating system to work in a specific configuration with the right software on it (ok it is a little bit mode, but not that much). Most of the trick is in bash script. Just look at the tar content, follow the script structure and you might be able to understand how it works. If you want to know more just ping us !

You got it, let’s start !

You need a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04 server (32 or 64 bits). Just install the basic system into a VM (VMWare, VirtualBox or KVM). Add a user called webhost with it’s home directory setup in /home/webhost. Move the tar archive into webhost home directory. Untar the archive through tar xf webhost_kit_en.tar command. If you are self hosted (your computer runs in your home or you office with a basic modem), run the INSTALL.self_hosted script as root in webhost directory, if you are hosted (your computer run into a datacenter), just run ./INSTALL.hosted script.

Drink a coffee, depending on the speed of your system (mine is about 3 minutes, with SSD and fast internet). Reboot the system when the script ends, and enjoy qyshare by setting it up through the configuration page available on the web through http://<myipaddress>. If you are self hosted please use your internal IP address (the things which looks like 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x).

Fill up the form, use a DNS name like <my_domain_name> (do not forget the if you want to be managed) and enjoy qyshare.

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