Qyshare assumes that users knows how to use WordPress.

User management is performed through WordPress dashboard. A single login/password bridge exist between wordpress account, and any qyshare services (Open Project, Webdav, SOGo, etc). To join a project a user must register through the wordpress login interface which can be accessed through the http://<my_site_name>/wp-login.

Following registration, a community manager can manage user role. Each user with Editor and Administrator role are getting full access to qyshare services and are part of the community.

The main difference between Editor and Administrator stands into the capability to change user credential. No further actions are required. As to get access to the services, new users will have to login/logout, one time before each services are available.

WordPress admin interface is accessible through http://<my_domain_name>/wp-login

Please accept the self signed certificate otherwise authentication will not be available. qyshare is using the standard wordpress dashboard, any relevant tutorial are good to go.

qyshare includes some specific modules like the User Access Manager modules which allow to protect access to content through user credential. This is allowing a community to keep private work in progress before releases.

Current version of qyshare is using WordPress 3.6, please use this version related tutorials. We removed the capabilities to remove core plugins, and it is impossible to update plugins and core wordpress version from the dashboard as to keep track of qyshare version which includes an automatic update capability.

Open Project  is accessible through http://<my_domain_name>/openproject

Any community member can connect through the interface by using there standard login/password. They are all admin of Open Project module, and can assign, publish and modify project planning. qyshare is using latest version of Open Project

SOGo is accessible through http://<my_domain_name>/SOGo

WordPress login password is used to get access to SOGo, which is providing 2 core services, email client, and calendar. Both services are accessible through industry standard protocol (IMAP and Caldav).

Etherpad  is accessible through http://<my_domain_name>/etherpad

qyshare is using latest version of etherpad. Access is login/password protected to avoid etherpad fill up. WordPress login/password is used, and any community member can get access to etherpad.

Any user with an active login account have access to the webdav service through any client.

Webdav is using the Digest authentication method through https. You first have to import the self signed certificate into your key manager from your client.

Following these steps, you can get access to your private Webdav directory through the following pointer https://<my_domain_name/<my_login>/ do not forget the trailing slash. A login password will be asked to you.

The community shared directory is accessible through https://<my_domain_name/Webdav/ and anything published into https://<my_domain_name/Webdav/Public can be shared to the world by providing the exact web address (no directory index permitted)

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